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Ballerinas,Vegan Dancers and Vegan Chefs

You can dance and eat wonderfully without harming animals!


Cynthia King, Ballerina

Cynthia King Ballet Studio

Also, Vegan Cruelty-Free Ballet Slippers!

Brooklyn, NY

Crytsal Silmi, Belly Dancer             Classes, Workshops and Performances    San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Chef Mayra

Vegan Chef, Catering, Baker

Las Vegas, NV

Julia Ganswind

Vegan and Raw Foodist Chef and

Fashion Designer

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Patricia Ganswind

Vegan and Raw Foodist Chef

Christchurch, New Zealand

Melissa Sugar

Vegan Chef and Caterer

Sacramento, CA

Cynthia King is very dear to my heart because I love to dance ballet and now can do it at no harm to animals.  I have danced in her ballet slippers for years and they fit perfectly and allow you to dance in comfort.


Ballerinas & Belly Dancers